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The Rolling Stones - 40 Licks Album

At the 40th Anniversary of the band, the Rolling Stones released a double compilation album to commemorate their career and give their fans a look back towards their greatest hits since the beginning. Forty Licks is remarkable for being the first retrospective of the 60’s in formative Decca/London. This compilation is nowadays licensed by ABKCO Records and the one with 1970 added material – distributed by Virgin records.

Don’t think that the Stones woke one night and thought of this retrospective! They had to react after the huge success The Beatles had that time. The two bands were on a constant rivalry for the rock fans and always were trying to beat each other to get to the top of the charts. This was a good thing for the music industry because it had the opportunity to grow and expand as influences. It is considered that the two bans represented the rivalry between the UK and the US and the intention of each of them to concur the other’s music land.

Forty Licks became #2 in the UK and US charts in September 2000, leaving the lead to Elvis Presley’s 30#1 Hits package. It still managed to sell millions of copies all over the world – including the US, where they were awarded with platinum four times in row. The Stones still had the world in their palms and they enjoyed it! This was followed by some tours around the world to bring some good times to their fans and relive the glory of the Rolling Stones.

The international tour resulted in a glorious and full of behind the curtains details video – Live Licks released in 2004.

There were four new songs on the second disc, but only one was chosen to be promoted as a single – Don’t Stop. The US and the UK embraced it, but it was taken as small hit, more for admiration and respect for the band than the affiliation towards the song.

Disc one

1. "Street Fighting Man"
2. "Gimme Shelter"
3. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
4. "The Last Time"
5. "Jumpin' Jack Flash"
6. "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
7. "19th Nervous Breakdown"
8. "Under My Thumb"
9. "Not Fade Away" (Charles Hardin/Norman Petty)
10. "Have You Seen Your Mother Baby?"
11. "Sympathy for the Devil"
12. "Mother's Little Helper"
13. "She's a Rainbow"
14. "Get Off of My Cloud"
15. "Wild Horses"
16. "Ruby Tuesday"
17. "Paint It, Black"
18. "Honky Tonk Women"
19. "It's All Over Now"
20. "Let's Spend the Night Together"

Disc two

1. "Start Me Up"
2. "Brown Sugar"
3. "Miss You"
4. "Beast of Burden"
5. "Don't Stop"
6. "Happy"
7. "Angie"
8. "You Got Me Rocking"
9. "Shattered"
10. "Fool to Cry"
11. "Love Is Strong"
12. "Mixed Emotions"
13. "Keys to Your Love"
14. "Anybody Seen My Baby?"
15. "Stealing My Heart"
16. "Tumbling Dice"
17. "Undercover of the Night"
18. "Emotional Rescue"
19. "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)"
20. "Losing My Touch"

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