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Mick Jagger - Goddess in the Doorway

"Goddess in the Doorway" is the name of Mick Jagger's fourth solo album, released in 2001. It was the first release he had under Virgin Records. Ever since 1991 he had a connection with the label as The Rolling Stones were signed by it. This follow up to 1993's "Wandering Spirit" comes after the band released "Bridges to Babylon in 1997 and after the "Bridges to Babylon Tour". Demo material for "Goddess in the Doorway" was recorded in 2000 and it took until the spring of 2001 for the album to come out. The main producers of the material were himself, Marti Frederiksen and Matt Clifford but Jagger also included young talents like Wyclef Jean and Marti Frederiksen in the mix. Songwriting was mostly signed by mick but there was work with other collaborators like Kravitz and Rob Thomas.

What is interesting is that many of Jagger's friends joined him on this project. This included Pete Townshend, Thomas, Lenny Kravitz, Bono, Wyclef Jean and Joe Perry. Few people know that Townshend was actually the initiating man behind the album. He heard of Mick's demos and spoke to him, saying that they did not sound like The Rolling Stones and that the singer should make a solo album out of them. The end of the summer marked the completion of "Goddess in the Doorway" and "God Gave Me Everything" was chosen as the lead single during October. This track was not very successful but the album, released the following month, received the strongest reviews Jagger ever got, including the material with The Rolling Stones. As expected, Keith Richards attacked the album and called it "Dogshit in the Doorway". He was never comfortable with Mick's solo career ever since it started in 1985, so this was no surprise.

Although critics loved the album, "Goddess in the Doorway" only reached number 44 in UK and number 39 in the US. Although this was the case with the album, it is still considered one of the best Jagger ever recorded as a solo artist. After the album, the singer returned to work with The Rolling Stones on "Forty Licks" and "A Bigger Bang", each followed by impressive tours.

Track List:

1. "Visions Of Paradise"
2. "Joy"
3. "Dancing In The Starlight"
4. "God Gave Me Everything"
5. "Hide Away"
6. "Don't Call Me Up"
7. "Goddess in the Doorway"
8. "Lucky Day"
9. "Everybody Getting High"
10. "Gun"
11. "Too Far Gone"
12. "Brand New Set Of Rules"

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