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Keith Richards - Main Offender

Main Offender is the name of the second solo studio album launched by Keith Richards and also his third material. It was released in 1992, between Steel Wheels and Voodoo Lounge by The Rolling Stones. For this album Richards re-united with "The X-Pensive Winos", his group of musician friends and Steve Jordan, with which he also collaborated for the Talk is Cheap album. We also see Waddy Watchel in the mixing both when it comes to producing and composing this album. Recording sessions were held in New York City and California and lasted from March to September in 1992. We also had a round of touring that was scheduled for the fall of 1992 and the early 1993 in North America. Eventually Keith Richards reunited with Mick Jagger (who was recording his own solo album, Wandering Spirit as Richards worked on Main Offender) in the middle of 1993 in order to work on The Rolling Stones' Voodoo Lounge. Mick Jagger eventually complimented Richards for his work on Main Offender. He even utilized the song "Wicked as it Seems" for inspiration for the next Rolling Stones single, named "Love is Strong".

Main Offender was released in October 1992 and received a lot of positive reviews although it did fail in matching Talk is Cheap in commercial success. It eventually sold over 200,000 copies. After Main Offender Richards returned to The Rolling Stones and there is no sign that his solo career is going to be continued in the future.

Track List for Main Offender

1. "999"
2. "Wicked As It Seems"
3. "Eileen"
4. "Words Of Wonder"
5. "Yap Yap"
6. "Bodytalks" - featuring Sarah Dash
7. "Hate It When You Leave"
8. "Runnin' Too Deep"
9. "Will But You Won't"
10. "Demon"

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