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Keith Richards - Talk is Cheap

The debut solo album signed Keith Richards is "Talk is Cheap", which was released n 1988. The co leader of The Rolling Stones had some personal problems with Mick Jagger and this led to the recording and release of this album, one that did spur critics and did bring acclaim.

We are dealing with a time when the relations between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were tense. They started to have differences because of what they wanted to do in The Rolling Stones. Jagger wanted to follow the trends so that the band will be current while Richards wanted to preserve the roots and reputation that was built till that point. Mick Jagger eventually started being more interested in following a solo career instead of touring for the album Dirty Work, released in 1986 so Keith Richards wanted to get back ans started working on a solo project for the first time. The world famous guitarist teamed up with Steve Jordan, who also collaborated with The Rolling Stones on Dirty Work. The duo wrote a lot of new songs. One of them, "Almost Hear you Sigh" eventually ended up on The Rolling Stones album Steel Wheels in 1989 after the lyrics were modified by Jagger. Recording for Talk is Cheap began in August 1987 in Montreal. Richards signed a contract with Virgin Records as The Rolling Stones remained linked with Sony Music. Keith benefited from collaborations with Ivan Neville, Maceo Parker, Patti Scialfa, Bootsy Collins and Sarah Dash on Talk is Cheap. Mick Taylor, former Rolling Stones guitarist also joined in on the list.

Talk is Cheap Track List

1. "Big Enough" – 3:17
2. "Take It So Hard" – 3:11
3. "Struggle" – 4:10
4. "I Could Have Stood You Up" – 3:12
5. "Make No Mistake" featuring Sarah Dash – 4:53
6. "You Don't Move Me" – 4:48
7. "How I Wish" – 3:32
8. "Rockawhile" – 4:38
9. "Whip It Up" – 4:01
10. "Locked Away" – 5:48
11. "It Means a Lot" – 5:22

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