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Anybody Seen My Baby?

"Anybody Seen My Baby?" is one of the songs on the Bridges to Babylon album by the Rolling Stones, one of most famous Rock bands of all times. It was evolved in copyright scandal because of its similarity to Lang’s hit "Constant Craving" forcing Jagger and Richards to give him credit for the song. This seemed at the time the easiest way out of a lawsuit.

The stones used different musical influences to create this “Bridges to Babylon” song, such as hip-hop from Biz Markie. The band didn’t really cared for sampling so they didn’t do it a lot; actually “Anybody Seen My Baby” is one of few such song and the album that included it is the one of this kind. You can feel some R&B in the song made by Muhoberac’s bass but still remains a rock song - the electric guitars performed by Jagger, Richards and Wachtel are a statement cu that fact!

Anybody Seen My Baby?" took a world tour in 2007 being sung by millions of people that considered it worthy to be #3 in European charts on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks. America was of course dazzled with it! If you already didn’t know, the character in the video is played by Angelina Jolie! She was supposed to be a stripper that leaves mid-performance to wander around in New York.

"Anybody Seen My Baby?" is the only song from the Babylonian album to get a place on the Rolling Stones’ 2002 career retrospective - Forty Liks. It is another statement of the Stones greatness to concur the world with their tones and riffs. They really succeeded to get the world wrapped around their finger and become its musical god for more than two decades!

And just because this is one of my favorite Rolling Stones track, here is the video of it:

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