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Mick Jagger - She's The Boss

"She's the Boss" is Mick Jagger's solo debut album launched in 1985. The Rolling Stones signed a contract with CBS Records in 1983 that had a special option available for the members of the band to record solo albums. Mick Jagger took the offer and started working on his first album.

After The Rolling Stones launched their "Undercover" album, Jagger started composing music for the solo project with the help of different musician friends. The actual recording started in May 1984. Individuals involved include Jeff Beck, Carlos Alomar, Pete Townshend and Nile Rodgers.

Mick Jagger was very aware of the musical influences of the time and took complete advantage of his freedom. This is why he made "She's the Boss" an album that was very contemporary and used drum machines and synthesizers.

As expected, Keith Richards was not very pleased that Mick started doing solo work and he felt was important is to emphasize on The Rolling Stones. There was an open conflict between the two in 1986 that took two years to settle down. We could say that this album was filled with controversy, just like Jagger's life.

The lead song for "She's the Boss" was "Just Another Night", an instant hit at the time. The album and the single quickly became worldwide hits. The single reached Number 6 in US Top 10 and the album got to Number 6 in UK and Number 13 in USA, where it went platinum. The follow up was single "Lucky in Love", a top 40 US hit at the time. Critical response was very warm and the album was an overall success.

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